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Management of Faculty and Personnel Relations

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Sections and Responsibilities

This administration consists of four sections:


1- Receive internal and external correspondence.
2- Allocate correspondence to Deanship sections.
3- Dispatch Deanship mail.
4- Dispatch mail to colleges in Al-Kharj Governorate through post.

Information, Reception, Support, and Cards Section

1- Issue work cards to faculty, personnel and contracting companies.
2- Supply Deanship with furniture and prints.
3- Offer sustained excellence in service such as welcoming faculty and staff from University and outside it.
4- Provide information, terminate procedures in coordination with the sections and units of the Deanship and other offices, and save regulations, instructions and prerogatives for University employees and others for reference.
5- Monitor professional performance.
6- Monitor transferred files.

Passports and Recruitment Unit

1- Process faculty residencies (non-Saudis).
2- Process residency of faculty children (non-Saudis).
3- Issue exit/re-entry visas for contractors (non-Saudis).
4- Process the arrival and visits of contractors’ families.
5- Process domestic workers’ arrival for Saudis and contractors.
6- Finalize administrative procedures for leaving contractors.
7- Activate the “Muqim” System.
8- Coordinate and process passports, travel, follow-up, archives, files and reports.
9- Undertake procedures regarding passports and recruitment.
10- Process air ticket payments for contractors and families in coordination with the Saudi Airlines Office.
11- Process scholarship grantees’ passports and family reunion.
12- Terminate guardianship transfer after reception of prerogative owner’s approval.

Incentives and Events Section

1- Organize Deanship events.
2- Award trophies and certificates, etc.
3- Make Deanship announcements

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