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Administration of Development and Quality

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Sections and Responsibilities

The Administration of Development and Quality was established by a decision of His Excellency the Rector No. 20/32 dated 8/1/1432 H. It seeks to spread the concept and culture of quality, efficiency and excellence among the Deanship personnel. It also aims at developing work methods and services and simplifying procedures for employees and beneficiaries within and without the University.

Planning Section

1- Elaborate the vision, mission and objectives of the Deanship.
2- Elaborate a comprehensive strategic plan with specific objectives and programs seeking work development.

Quality Section

1- Disseminate the value of excellence in performance among the Deanship personnel.
2- Achieve excellence in administrative performance.
3- Cooperate with the Deanship offices to upgrade work performance through development of plans and programs.
4- Satisfy beneficiaries in terms of form, content, and performance.
5- Design models and questionnaires to evaluate work performance and satisfaction.

Development Section

1- Issue Deanship annual reports, publications and data.
2- Make use of information technology and e-services and elaborate creative and developmental programs.
3- Advertise policies and regulations and monitor their application to guarantee the rights of all employees.
4- Update the Deanship website.
5- Elaborate various organizational and developmental studies to improve professional performance and services.

E-Services Unit
Database Section

1- Collect data about teaching and non-teaching staff.
2- Update data on a regular basis.
3- Feed regularly databases with information and data.
4- Issue periodic reports, statistics and forms.
5- Back up programs specific to the Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs.
6- Process work reservation in coordination with concerned services.

Systems and Applications Section

1- Develop systems and applications for Deanship employees.
2- Coordinate with the Deanship of Information Technology and Distance Learning to solve technical problems.
3- Supervise the Deanship e-services coordinators.




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