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Salaries and Expenditure

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The administration of Salaries and Expenditure has the following responsibilities:

1. Pay salaries monthly as well as leave of absence benefits.

2. Process and pay other benefits such as extra lectures and collaborators.

3. Pay late salaries, recruitments, and extra hours.

4. Readjust salaries.

5. Make deductions in case of unofficial absence or government bank loans.

This administration consists of three sections



The Salaries Section processes salaries on a monthly basis, as well as other benefits such as the annual increment, readjust the status and salary of promoted personnel and faculty. It undertakes deductions from salary in case of unofficial absence or in case of maternity leave, or study leave, etc. It also pays contractors’ salaries before annual leave in accordance with the terms of the contract.



The Expenditure Section processes financial claims upon receipt of decisions from Faculty and Personnel Affairs, from contractors or from Human Resources, in accordance with the Ministry of Civil Service regulations as well as those defining faculty and contractors’ affairs.



The Audit Section examines all financial transactions issued by the Payroll and Expenses Sections prior to transfer to the Financial Department.


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