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Management of Employees Affairs

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Job Section


1- Supervise job vacancies and occupied posts.
2- Advertise job opportunities.
3- Coordinate with the Ministry of Civil Service, receive and submit job applications to relevant committees for selection and announcement of results, carry out employment procedures through competition or direct nomination from the Ministry of Civil Service and allocate posts according to local needs.

Benefits Section

1- Process decisions regarding commissioning work outside official hours, etc.
2- Process and disburse recruitment decisions after completion of mission, and issue travel orders for missions outside the city.
3- Process deductions in case of absence and issue decisions on police and court notifications.
4- Process combined services and pay allowances.
5- Advertise offers to concerned employees.

Promotion and Transfer Section

1- Process promotion procedures in accordance with rules and regulations, allocate vacancies to eligible candidates after processing data.
2- Process work transfer from/to the University.
3- Process job modifications, report them to the Ministries of Civil Service and Finance, and save them for the Ministry of Civil Service.

Vacation Section

1- Issue decisions regarding all types of leave, and deal with their procedures.
2- Process employees’ leaves of absence in coordination with the Files and Records Section.

Files and Records Section

1- Open files for University staff whether they are faculty, civil servants, workers or contractors.
2- Process employees’ service data.

Administrative Formations Section

1- Reserve appointment and promotion posts for Saudi employees and contractors.
2- Budget annually updated and amended university posts, and arrange, number, codify, and submit them to the Ministries of Finance and Civil Service, and monitor records.
3- Identify the University’s needs in academic and administrative jobs in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

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