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Management of Faculty Affairs

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Sections and Responsibilities

1- Receive candidates’ nomination from colleges.
2- Examine candidates’ files and fix accurately their benefits.
3- Check if candidates have already worked in KSA.
4- Process and dispatch candidates’ initial proposals.
5- Dispatch entry visas and tickets to candidates and their families after acceptance of post at University.
6- Finalize contract procedures after candidates’ arrival in KSA.
7- Request transfer of guardianship to the University in case candidates work in the Kingdom
8- Liaise with the Ministry of Civil Service regarding Saudi candidates’ availability for job vacancies.
9- In the absence of Saudi candidates, request the Ministry of Higher Education to approve contractors’ guardianship to work at University.
10- Contact the passports service after obtaining the Ministry of Interior’s approval to complete guardianship transfer procedures.
11- Finalize contract procedures with candidates after guardianship transfer.

Benefits Section

1- Issue decisions regarding payment of extra teaching hours.
2- Pay collaborators’ allowances.
3- Pay recruitment allowances.
4- Pay commission allowances.
5- Issue decisions regarding hiring, lending and commissioning.
6- Issue decisions on candidates on study leave, provide them and their families with air tickets, and pay their loans should they have.
7- Process candidates’ return to work after study leave.
8- Issue decisions regarding emoluments of University councils, the Scientific Council, and all college and department councils.
9- Process the summer term budget and undertake vacation cuts.
10- Renew contracts after processing and reviewing candidates’ data, and allocate exceptional pay increase or annual increment.
11- Extend faculty contracts in liaison with concerned sections, file them to a specialized committee, and upon approval submit them to the Ministry of Higher Education.
12- Issue decisions regarding extension of Saudi teaching staff employment after the age of retirement.
13- Issue decisions regarding hiring part-time teachers.
14- Issue decisions regarding promotion of faculty (Saudis and contractors) or promotion approvals (for contractors).
15- Issue decisions regarding the appointment vice-deans, deans and department heads.
16- Issue decisions regarding commissioning work outside official work time.
17- Pay computer allowance.
18- Pay emoluments of visiting professors.
19- Process the education expenses of contractors’ children.
20- Issue decisions regarding all types of leave of absence.
21- Issue decisions regarding withdrawal or contract termination for Saudis.
22- Terminate contracts two months prior to their end.
23- Issue decisions regarding Saudi faculty retirement.

Employment Section

1- Receive applications from colleges, submit them to the committee, make recommendations regarding recruitment, finalize candidates’ recruitment procedures, and reserve positions.
2- Issue decisions regarding recruitment of Saudi faculty.
3- Process of faculty transfer after liaising with concerned authorities (for Saudis).

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