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The Deanship of Staff Affairs and Personnel Affairs at the University was established by virtue of the Royal Decree No. 7808 / MB, dated 12/11/1431 AH (*), as it represents an important and vital role at the university  which touches two important components: faculty members and employees. These two components strive to fulfill their responsibilities on all axes so that the university could become distinguished in teaching, research and community services. As a vital deanship at PSAU, The Deanship of Staff Affairs and Personnel Affairs is working hard to upgrade the efficiency of performance and skill of faculty and employees in all aspects of: attracting distinguished faculty members and employees, facilitating all administrative, financial and service procedures, providing professional training, postgraduate scholarships, internal and external conferences and seminars.


Excellence and leadership in performance and application of the highest quality standards.


Providing high quality management services by attracting, motivating, developing and optimizing the best skills of human resources


1. Building a stimulating management system

2- Facilitating administrative, financial and service procedures for all employees of the university.

3 - Develop the skill and raise the efficiency of the performance of the staff of the Deanship, through the provision of training courses and sustainable assessment of the job performance.

4 - Attracting the competent and distinguished cadres of faculty and staff members and work on motivating and maintaining them.

5 - Sensitize all university employees, and familiarize them with all regulations and laws.

6- Providing an appropriate working environment for the staff of the Deanship.

7. Enhancing the relationship between the faculty member, the employees and the university administration.


1. Creativity: We believe that every person has the ability to innovate and work for innovation.

2. Achievement: We believe in “don’t postpone today’s work for tomorrow”

3. Mastery: We believe in compliance with the words of the Prophet peace be upon him: "God loves if one of you does a job he should master it," and work to achieve the concept:      (High skill + accuracy = mastery).

4. Ethics: We believe that morality is the basis of dealing, and religion behaviour, and our role model Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: "And have great morals." [Sura: Al Qalam: 4]



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